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Released MountStenth 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

Mt.Stenth README


Project Description:

This project began trying to recreate a typical windy mountain road in south Europe, which I am not sure I´ve achieved, then developed into a rally oriented track with some nice views along the way, but in any case I think it has a nice technical 10.79km layout and is fun to drive.
Then I thought about making a gravel version of the same track, so I did.

There was a moment where the two projects separated and when the layout is the same there are some differences between them. Different width, grip and bumpiness and also some difference in looks with different items and distribution. The overall look is pretty similar.

the gravel version has a few jumps that have been smooth out (mostly) for the tarmac version.

I hope you enjoy it with your friends as I have done with mine testing it. Thanks to them for their feedback and fun along the way.

Thanks to all the good people sharing xpacks and to eli Cranck for letting me use some of the buildings he is making for a great project he is working on!!




Drag the "MountStenth" folder to your rfactor\gamedata\locations
both versions are inside


Known bugs:

if you crash heavily against guardrails you´ll get stucked and the game begins to shutter. Worst case scenario hit "esc"
I did not want to "fix" it because in real life you will get at least stucked, not just bound back on to the road. This way players have to be more careful and avoid "arcade" driving

Thanks for downloading it and enjoy it!!


xPacks used:

casas rfactor
3d people
dirt track equipment
japan collection
objects poland
old church
pack señales batisburg + veyron
plp signalitation
pl vegetation
rally road element
road post pack
sisco varios
trees xpack
us cars
utility poles 01


You can find the track in the download section.

ceSniper July 2013

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