viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Toban RF2 Released 0.41 WIP

Hi guys.

We've started the conversion of the Toban circuit to RF2, that circuit that brings us so many joy
At the moment I have the terrains with the new shaders as well as the roadmesh working with the realroad.

Now I want to adapt as many objects of the mills as I can.

The layouts included for the first version are:


*Toban_Long_24 REV

All contents' copyright are property of Image Space Incorporated.

Tools used:

3dmax 2010
3dsimed 3.0F


New Textures added from Huddson Kerr version of toban

Build 118


I Re-imported all track mesh and reworked on the textures, added new textures for the rumbles, redimensioned all the textures and try to adjust everything. Still have a lot to do, but I'm going to look for tutorials on youtube.

Thanks to mario morais for the rumbles' textures.

Thanks also mianiak,mario and feels3 for the tips.


I think the track is at a good starting point, it's time to begin the tests. I still have a lot of things to do but for right now I thing I can use a little feedback about feeling on the road.


Release Notes:

RealRoad implemented
Reflections (REFMAP)
The track is very clean at the start, I'm thinking about adding skidmarks,cracks and other stuff.


Track mesh needs more work on in.

No trees in this version, will be added in upcoming updates.

Wet reflections don't work propertly.


The AI for the race doesn't work very well, every lap crashes at the turn 1 & 2, I have to re do the aiw for rfactor2 so in this version the aiw comes from rf1's version

Thanks to mario morais for his tips and some textures, mianiak and feels3 for the tips and everyone who helped me whit posts in the modding thread.

Consider that the circuit is unfinished, not by far, keep that in mind when you download it.

Alpharacers Modding Team,2012.

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