martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Released Roura Rouge 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

This 7km long fictional road is located in the south of France

You begin at a parking lot, which is where you meet your friends for a drive
It is a nice drive with some challenging corners along the way. Also nice to drive at night, lights in houses, towns and objects are set to receive light.

AIW as been tuned using AIW editor for the first time. It works better in gt cars than open wheeler. There´s pit space for 40 cars

I´ve also used some of my own xpacks as well.


Drag to your rfactor\gamedata\locations folder

I hope you like it and enjoy it

You can find the track in the download section.

ceSniper 2013
Alpharacers modding team

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