martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Town of Aretua 1.0 (RF1)

The track was orginally created for private use and now is time to share with the community. This is one of 3 circuits I have been working for some time and Im going to share them on this coming weeks.

Located in the mountains, it is a joyride trough different locations using some winding and fun roads. Inspired by some real roads, I tried to give it a open road atmosphere.
Also good fun to drive at night.

There is quite a lot of attention to detail and it is fps friendly, so have a fun ride.

Again thank you to every one sharing xpacks, and to my friend Vicent-Sollana, for his help on textures and xpacks.

ceSniper 2012

Xpacks used:

3d People
Barcos by Vicent Sollana
casas rfactor fixed for rfactor by Vicent
European road elements
GB xpack
Hungarian xpack
Japan Collection
Pack señales Batisburg
PLP signalitation
Road mid
Rural Australia
Texture compilation
Trackside objects
US cars
Utility poles

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