miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Iriana Raceway 2011 1.15 (RF1)

It has been a few Months working on this one on and off and hundrends of hours fixing and trying to improve it as I learned new things about BTB, but I think finally is worth releasing it.

It is a fantasy track created by me, using the xpacks available on the internet, so thanks a lot to every one who cared to share.

Great Britan xPack
Longford 67 Houses
Rural Australia
European road elements
Basic city pack
PLP Signalitation
and jay_666 skies

Thanks to all of you!

It is a 7+km course in the town of Iriana, where once a year, the event is held.

Recommended for GT cars, it is also very nice to drive at night.

Thanks to my friends in tpavirtualracing.com for their help, beta testing and packaging.
Also thanks to Elicranck for his help (basically teaching me to do things), thanks mate!

If you have problems with fps, lower textures resolution to high

1.15 update released. It is just the AIW file fixed. Simply overwrite the old file to fix the DQ problem.

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