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Maikita Roads 1.0 (RF1)

Maikita Roads (Iceland) README

This project began watching a Top Gear episode that was taking place in Iceland.
I thought it would be nice to try to do something similar, and encouraged by my girlfriend I began work.

There is a main road 18km long that goes around cliffs and mountains, another road going to a little town and the old road to the bottom of the used for other activities...

There are some work areas with bumps, pay attention to trafic signs in order to slow down. Thare are some twisty areas and some fast ones, be careful on the fast ones since an accident can send you down the cliffs.

It is dedicated to my girlfriend Maika, who also tested the track and the reason why it all began, hence the "Maikita roads" name, location Iceland.

Since is very up north, night time is pretty short.

I hope you enjoy it.


Drag the "Iceland" folder to your locations folder , then look for "iceland" in game.

I included a HAT file just in case.
Drag the HAT file to rfactor\userdata\log\HAT

Thanks to everyone sharing xpacks, thanks to my friend Vicent for testing it with me, giving me ideas and general help and to Eli Cranck for leting me use his great looking "la era" xpack

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