sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Released PinzannediOtto 1.0 By ceSniper (RF)

Pinzanne di Otto is a fictional road somewhere in Italy. Just drive for the views, test your new car or go for a fun run with your mates.
It began as a learning test and ended up being a nice 24kms run through farms. There are a few side roads, a small airport and a half built race track

The race track didnt have the political support to go ahead so plans were abandoned before it was finished, tought the layout is there, but rough, missing all the necesary signs and security measures to race. There are a couple of grandstands they managed to build before it was totally abandoned, but that and some racing apex here and there (to visit it, turn rules off) is as much as they managed to build.

enjoy it and have fun!

as always, thanks to my partners at Vicent Sollana and Eli cranck for their help and technical assistance and to everyone who cares to share xpacks on line.


You can find the track in the download section.

Alpharacers modding Team

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